In continuarea ajutorului militar consistent oferit de SUA pentru Ucraina, o noua transa de 2,2 miliarde de dolari va fi curand trimisa Kievului.

Acest pachet include si rachetele de mare precizie GLSDB, produse in cooperare de Boieng si SAAB.

Raza de actiune a rachetelor este de 150 km. Acest detaliu va fi esential in folosirea lor pentru lovirea centrelor logistice si a cartierelor generale de trupe invadatoare rusesti aflate pe teritoriul Ucrainei, in special in Donbas.


The Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB)

US considers transferring GLSDB munitions to Ukraine, which is a  combination of an aerial bomb and a rocket motor - Militarnyi

integrates two combat-proven systems, Boeing’s Small Diameter Bomb(SDB) I and the M26 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) rocket, to provide ground and joint forces with a long-range, precision fires weapon capable of conducting reverse slope engagements and defeating targets ranging from hardened facilities to soft-skinned assets.

With a 360-degree target engagement ability, GLSDB provides commanders and
planners with a highly flexible weapon that complements existing ballistic trajectory
weapons to significantly expand current ground artillery capability.

GLSDB builds upon Boeing’s highly successful SDB and existing MLRS rockets. The
SDB I is a 250-pound class weapon with an Advanced Anti-Jam Global Positioning
System aided Inertial Navigation System, combined with a multipurpose penetrating
blast-and-fragmentation warhead and a programmable electronic fuze.

Approximately 17,000 SDBs have been built at Boeing’s award-winning, modern
production facility in St. Charles, Mo. Since the first SDB delivery in April 2005, every
weapon has been delivered on time and at cost.

Under a teaming agreement signed August 2014, Boeing and Saab will offer GLSDB to
current and future rocket artillery users. In Feb. 2015, the companies conducted a series
of flight tests of GLSDB in Vidsel, Sweden, that showed that the SDB can withstand a
rocket artillery launch without compromising its performance.

Designed to provide ground forces with an ideal combination of range and load out (6
rockets per pod) while adding SDB’s proven performance, precision, and flight
maneuverability, GLSDB will provide many advantages to the warfighter, including:

 Increased range of up to 150 kilometers
 Highly accurate; leverages performance of SDB
 All angle, all aspect attack – even targets behind the launch point
 Multiple rocket, multiple target, near simultaneous impact
 All weather, 24/7 availability
 Terrain avoidance, such as mountains
 Cave breaching capability
 Launches from hidden or protected positions to avoid detection
 Programmable fuze provides impact and delay fuzing for deep penetration or
proximity height-of-burst
 SDB Focused Lethality Munition variant is also an option for low collateral damage
 Laser SDB variant provides moving target capability
Key Performance Factors
 Range of up to 150 kilometers
 Load out of up to six rockets per pod
 Designed for minimal collateral damage
 Complete SDB flight maneuverability
Dimensions – GLSDB All-Up Round
 Length: 154 in.
 Diameter: 9.5 in
 Weight: 600 lbs.
Dimensions – SDB
 Size: 71 in. (L) x 7.75 in. (H) x 7.5 in. (W)
 Weight: 285 lbs.
 Wingspan: 63.3 in. (open), 7.5 in. (stowed)
Airframe – SDB
 Warhead: Penetrating blast fragmentation
 Weight: 205 lbs.
 Explosive Fill: 36 lbs. Insensitive Munition Certified
 Fuze: Integrated Electronic Safe/Arm Fuze System Impact and Delayed Settings
with Height of Burst Sensor
Guidance Set:
 Inertial Navigation System (INS)/Global Positioning System
 Anti-jam and Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module
 Advanced Core Processor Two Module

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