• The latest: The death toll from the coronavirus is now more than 2,700 worldwide, with the vast majority in mainland China. There has been more than 80,000 global cases.
  • Outside of China: Europe’s biggest outbreak is in Italy, where more than 280 have been infected. Iran has reported at least 95 cases and South Korea now has more than 970 cases.
  • Preparing for a pandemic: World Health Organization officials say it’s still too early to declare the novel coronavirus a pandemic — but now is the time to prepare. Meanwhile in the US, President Trump has remained publicly optimistic about the virus, even as Democrats criticize his administration

    Latest COVID19 update

    Total confirmed cases: 80.350

    Total deaths: 2.705

    Total recovered: 27.878

    Top 5 cases by countries:

    China: 77.660

    South Korea: 977

    Italy: 283

    Japan: 170

    Iran: 95


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