20 Reasons to visit Romania!

By IoanaBudeanu

In a world full of beauty and amazing attractions it’s sometimes hard to choose a new destination for your holiday. Some people will tell you that Romania is a small country from Eastern Europe, with a harsh heritage from the Communist era. But what you don’t know is that Romania is rising above its past and shines like a brilliant star on the constellation of Europe.

Here you will find tall mountains with breathtaking views, seashores with long, amazing beaches, small villages full of colors and welcoming people, beautiful churches and museums, elegant hotels, narrow streets with bars and restaurants for all tastes, culture and history, places where you can party all day and all night long, delicious food and inspiring folks who are ready to speak loud and proud about their country and about their big dreams.

And you know what: maybe it’s time to visit Romania!

Here are the reasons:



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